2015: A Year in Review

Everything that transpired in 2015 ties back to my mission of being more focused on and involved in shaping who I want to be and steering myself closer towards where I want to go.

By challenging myself to Make it Happen – to lean in, live in the here and now, and bypass my fears by taking progressive risks – I strengthened my confidence, initiative, productivity, and overall well-being. Nothing is a better example of the positive benefits of daring greatly than my solo trip to London in April. It was audaciously outside of my comfort zone, but man, was it ever worth it! Make it happen? I made it happen in 2015!

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London: A City Fit for a Queen

At the end of April, I fulfilled a lifelong desire of mine by embarking on a trip to my dream destination – London, England. Taking a cue from my favourite independent female icons from British History (I’m looking at you, Queen Elizabeth I and Jane Austen), I took the liberty of traveling across the pond and conquering my first trip to England as a solo adventuress.

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Year 26. Goodbye, quarter-life crisis. Greetings, old age descent.

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Hello, 2015

If last year was Glorious 2014, this year will be Flow-rious 2015.

What on earth does Flow-rious even mean? Allow me to elaborate…

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