Hello, 2015

If last year was Glorious 2014, this year will be Flow-rious 2015.

What on earth does Flow-rious even mean? Allow me to elaborate…

As per annual tradition, I read through Georgia Nicols’ 2015 Astro Guide to get an idea of what Capricorns may see happen in the new year. The Capricorn mantra for 2015 is “With the help of others, I’m streamlining my life for the future.” She explains this as meaning that one of the main driving forces of Capricorns’ activities this year will be to get rid of what’s no longer useful in their lives. This will be a 2-3 year period where they’ll let go of jobs, places, possessions, residences, relationships, and values that are no longer of relevance. I foresee that this way, Capricorns will consider what’s really important in their lives, let go of what’s not necessary any longer, and therefore cultivate what really matters and make room for new treasures.

I can see this theme of streamlining fitting into the grand scheme of where I see my life currently heading. In 2014, I began to understand and follow the concept of going with the flow of life, moving continuously without second-guessing myself at every turn, learning from good and bad experiences, and taking time to appreciate what’s happening around me. To keep on doing that, I see the importance of parting with excess baggage – whatever is stagnant or dragging me down – to keep on rolling. Downsizing will do some good in preparing me for new changes to come in 2015.

As well, my Capricorn forecast predicts that financially, I will “benefit indirectly through the wealth of others” by receiving gifts and/or assistance, being allowed the use of others’ possessions, or benefiting directly through inheritances or money from the government (ha). Oh? You want to buy me an apartment in Yaletown? You shouldn’t have! (But I’ll take it.) I kid, I kid, just send me a cheque for $1,000. That’ll do, that’ll do.

Jokes aside, I do resolve to integrate this idea of streamlining into my 2015. I’ve been inspired by my friend Patricia to embark on a cleanse challenge, which involves clearing out personal items you no longer need and either a) get rid of them if useless or b) give away or donate if useful. She also collected donations for her charity of choice throughout her cleanse, which I think is an excellent idea. Consider this as me accepting this challenge!

In line with the bit about receiving the help of others throughout the streamlining, I resolve to be more open to asking for and accepting help when needed. I’ve always been stubborn in that I like to do things independently if possible, but utilizing the minds, skills, and talents of others can do wonders into getting you to where you want to be. That’s what friends are for after all! And, I want to make sure my friends (yes, that’s you!) know they can come to me as well. I’ll do my best to be a good little helper!

As for other resolutions for the new year…

  • To travel. London 2015, it came to me in a dream. It has been a long-held fantasy of mine to ride in style on top of a red double-decker bus as I explore this city of my dreams. Whether with a friend, with a group, or with myself, I want to try and finally make this happen sometime this or. Or if London doesn’t happen, I’d like to try and escape from Vancouver at least twice this year, to make up for the fail that was No Travel 2014.
  • To start bringing lunch instead of buying. Food in Gastown is great yet pricey. Streamlining includes watching how I spend money, especially if I want to save up for traveling adventures.
  • To provide more funnies. Because laughter is the best medicine for people with the blues. Don’t underestimate the power of one clever pun to brighten up someone’s crappy day. Plus, laughing is a great workout, and since y’all are going to gradually drop your “Get Fit!” resolution come February, you better get your hahahaha on!
  • To tell people they’re awesome more often. (Hey you, reading this right now – you’re awesome!) You know how sometimes you watch someone doing something really cool and think, “Wow, this person is amazing at what they do!” Well, why not go and tell them that? Words of appreciation and encouragement can have a major impact on a person – more than you would ever dare to believe. So go and be that kind catalyst for someone!

Those are just a few at the top of my head right now. I’m sure more will come up, which I will document on my Scrapbook 2015 page.

Here’s to Flow-riding in 2015!

Image Credit: Liane Metzler

4 thoughts on “Hello, 2015

  1. sahirawr

    Streamlining sounds like a great concept to live by. I hope you get to complete all your resolutions for the year and stay positive always! if you need help with planning for london let me know 😉

  2. I think I’m going to start living by the ‘streamling’ concept – seems way more productive!! 🙂 BTW you should totally visit London, its an amazing city (I should know cos I’ve lived here all my life) and we have a Cereal Cafe!!!! 😀

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